Dog Park

Hutchinson Dog Park

Cause for Paws, Inc., built the Hutchinson Dog Park located at 1501 South Severance Street, Hutchinson, KS, to provide dogs an area to socialize and be off leash.  CFPI members raised the funds and oversaw the construction of the Dog Park. We continue to "adopt" the Dog Park as our own.

A partnership between CFPI and the Hutchinson Parks & Facilities Department provide upkeep at the park.

If you see any maintenance issues at the Dog Park, please call (620) 694-1905.    

Hutchinson Dog Park

Hutchinson Dog Park Rules

  • Clean up after your pet
  • Limit 2 dogs per visit
  • Dogs must be licensed with the City of Hutchinson and vaccinated
  • Dogs in season not allowed
  • Puppies under four months of age not allowed for their own protection until fully vaccinated, please
  • Spayed/Neutered dogs recommended
  • All dogs declared dangerous pursuant to Section 7-409 of the Code of the City of Hutchinson, Kansas, not permitted to use this park and not allowed on the premises.
  • Dog owners are 100% responsible for their dogs' actions; Dogs must be removed from the park at the first sign of aggression
  • Dogs MUST be leashed entering and before leaving the park area and owners MUST have a leash at ALL times
  • Dogs left unattended will be impounded
  • Spayed/Neutered dogs recommended
  • Individuals under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult
  • No glass containers or food allowed in park area; alcohol, tobacco and drugs are prohibited
  • No chew bones, rawhides or pigs ears
  • PLEASE do not drop surrendered or lost dogs at the park, please call 620-694-2800 and a city police officer will help you

The City of Hutchinson reserves the right to close the park for any reason and/or restrict entry to the park and/or ask persons to leave the facility if rules are not followed or if unsafe behavior is observed.